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The universal pan as well as the pizza plate are made of enamelled steel. The enamel prevents excessive sticking of the products, can be cleaned easily and offers protection from scratching as well as from outside forces. The universal pan is suitable for e.g. paella, risotto and vegetables. The pizza plate, as the name suggests, is suitable for making pizzas as well as small pastries and especially for frozen products, too.

2 pieces:

  • universal pan Ø 39 cm and pizza plate Ø 40 cm
  • enamelled steel
  • universal pan for paella, risotto, cake, vegetables etc.
  • pizza plate for pizza, quiche, small pastrie, appetizer, bread, fish and vegetables – for frozen products too

Instructions for use:

Clean the universal pan and the pizza plate with water prior to their first use. Only touch the accessories with barbecue mitts during use on the barbecue. Do not put either universal pan or pizza plate on flammable or heat-sensitive surfaces while hot.

Universal pan can be used in two positions:

Large funnel: volcano position
Cooking grid: take away and put pan directly on large funnel
Lid: open or closed, depending on use

Large funnel: normal position
Cooking grid: insert and put pan on grid
Lid: closed

Use of the pizza plate in the following position:

Large funnel: normal position
Cooking grid: insert and put pizza plate on grid
Lid: closed

Cleaning of universal pan and pizza plate

  • Let the accessories cool down
  • Use a high-grade steel wool brush or a nylon sponge and soap water for a thorough cleaning

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